Full House reloaded
Menu Full House reloaded is a computer based Video Poker Game simulation like the one used to be in some casinos.
Try to get the best poker hand in two turns. Then use the push up button to multiply you scores.

You will be able to play around 30 rounds (minimum) as long as have got enough scores. Collections of Ten, Jack, Queen, Kind or Ace at their special place enable you to gain even more scores.
Game Full House reloaded is Shareware. You are able to play 30 days without any limitation. After that period you will have to register your copy of the game if you like it. You will get a registration key from us to make a full version of Full House reloaded.

Many thanks to:
  • the Free Pascal Team
  • the libSDL Team
  • the Jedi-SDL Team
  • the developers of ModPlug-Tracker
  • Full House Pro This is a screenshot of the latest DOS Version Full House Pro that was developed between 1991 and 1995 in Turbo Pascal.
    Pure Nostalgia :)